Environment & Sustainability

Travel with a good conscience!

People who travel by bus help to protect the environment...
Travelling by coach is not only very safe but also makes a valuable contribution for environmental protection. The bus is a record holder in terms of economic efficiency and climate compatibility.

Coach travel is one of the most environmentally friendly forms of mobility. Each bus conveys 45 people on average and therefore replaces 30 passenger cars on the road.

Buses are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportaion in terms of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. No other means of transport requires so little fuel and produces so little climate damaging carbon dioxide per single person.

According to the German Federal Environmental Agency a bus
uses 1.4 liters of diesel and  emits 3.2 kilogram of carbon dioxide per person (on a 100 kilometers journey), which is by far the lowest fuel consumption and exhaust emissions per person.

This is significantly less than the figures of other means of transport, for example transport by rail (1.9 liters diesel and 4.1 kilogram CO2 consumption), airplane (4.9 liters diesel and 21.1 kilogram CO2 consumption) and car (6.1 liters diesel and 14.2 kilogram CO2). In other words a passenger car has a four times higher fuel consumption and pollutant emission (on 100 kilometers) in comparison to a bus.
(Reference: bdo, Bundesverband Deutscher Omnibusunternehmer, September 2016)

The bus remains number 1 in comparison to other means of transport and is characterized by best values in terms of emissions and consumption:

(Reference: ifeu 2017, FlixBus)

All of our coaches meet the strictest environmental requirements -  Euro VI norm. This makes the BLAGUSS fleet the most modern and innovative bus fleet in Europe.

Travel with clear conscience!
You can do something for the carbon footprint of our planet by choosing the bus as a travel option. Environmentally friendly and technically up to date: that is the philosophy of BLAGUSS.
We have already introduced the Euro VI standard for the entire fleet before we were required to do so by the legislature. With an average age of only 1.9 years, BLAGUSS has the most modern and ecological fleet in Europe.

(Reference: Federal Environment Agency Germany 2016/ Reference year 2014)